‘Groundwater Depletion’, ‘Melting of Glaciers’ and ‘Rising Sea Level’ are the massive displacement

Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Message to the World

Dear Readers,

This a very worst hidden issue that might be playing a major Role in Climate Change around the world.

Groundwater Depletion at deeper levels might be playing major role in heating weather conditions due to less humidity environment as compared to the areas having higher Ground Water Levels areas consequently dense humidity. There is co-relationship between Global Warming & Groundwater Reaching at deeper levels. Less humidity higher Global Warming Warming.

Melting Glaciers contributing in Sea Levels; but loss of Groundwater through vertical Multi-aquifer tube wells contributing too.

The deeper multi-aquifer tube wells allows ambient flow of water from higher aquifer to lower aquifer in unconfined aquifers - so called "Intra-Bore Well Flow", resulting Ground Water Depletion - the volume of water could be much higher or 100 times than regular pumping of the water by the farmers.

We need to find & restore unused and dead tube wells to stop the "Intra-Bore Well Flow" of the groundwater through the vertical holes made by deeper Multi-Aquifer tube wells; thus tampered Groundwater Holding Underground Spaces above the water proof rocks or impervious rocks.

Restoring Deeper Multi-Aquifer Tube wells may bring impact of connecting Rivers, reduces the rate of rising sea levels.

We need to prevent the unnatural flow of water from one aquifer to another than into the sea under the Ground. The improvements will be like:-

- That it may increase the availability of the water at higher levels in the active tube-wells.
- That it may increase the levels of the Groundwater.
- That it may improve the Dark Zones of the Groundwater Depleted Areas.
- That it may bring results of Rivers Connectivity Program, even if the program is not implemented.
- That Shifting of Seasons due to displacement of Masses from Ground to sea has to be cured.
- That Shifting of Seasons may be due to angular variation of tilted axis or wobbling of the poles.

All these benefits can be achieved and we want to get involved practically, and we have to take some strict measures around the world as it may be the last stage of the environmental damages.

The God may give proper directions for the betterment of The Mother Earth.


Yashwant Deora
WhatsApp: +91 9352545652

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