‘Groundwater Depletion’, ‘Melting of Glaciers’ and ‘Rising Sea Level’ are the massive displacement

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Reply to President Obama

Date:- 04.02.2015

Honorable President Barak Obama,
United States of America,
The White House,
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW,
Washington, DC 20500 - 202-456-1111

Respected Sir,

First of all many thanks for your reply by an email dated 20 April, 2012 in reference of my message over environmental damages. http://bit.ly/F8RMPa.

Also, I was very glad to see you on the occasion of Republic Day of India on 26 Jan, 2015 with our Honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi.

I wrote a letter to the authorities in 2012 on the following concept:- http://bit.ly/1ab5bpw

"We have lost chance or last chance to accept our mistakes, we lost everything when lost water. We missed to Study some more factors for Groundwater Depletion. Un-pumped Lost Groundwater is still not estimated in the study of Groundwater Depletion, which is lost due to Intra-Bore well flow. Deeper Multi-Aquifer Tube Wells are Responsible for Groundwater Depletion & Global Warming. ‘Groundwater Depletion’, ‘Melting of Glaciers’ are massive displacement of Huge Masses from land to Sea."

Previously to this I have also concluded some facts as below in 2010:- http://bit.ly/yCLd0I

"Due to uncontrolled deeper Muli-Aquifer Tube wells, impermeable rock layers got damaged by billions of hole in Ground, consequently there is an Intra-Bore Well Flow of Groundwater between two Aquifers, resulting “Groundwater Depletion”, the water which we lost without pumping. After Depletion we have lack of Evaporation from Land to have insufficient vapours in the atmosphere to abstract the Solar Radiation, which heats up the Land, that is transferred in the atmosphere to melt the Glaciers."

In last 4-6 years, I observed that we have massive displacement of seasons upto 2 months in other words The Rains, The Winters & The Summers are starting and ending at the delay of at least 2 months.

I wrote the similar letter then to the authorities of my Nation in 2012, but due to Political Standards of previous Government of my country none of them even respondent my concern in the context of environmental damages and its remedial measures.

I read your message many times and came to know the work is being done by your Government and also you have passed relevant act, but those measures are not much sufficient only in a small part of the world under your powers.

It's a question of "Shifting of the Seasons", not a Subject of International Debates & Seminars indeed. We can guess what to do with the Problems and the heading consequences that I can imagine since a very long time.

I noticed that once upon a time "Global Warming" was the major Problem of the World but it is now secondary due to the adjustment of the "Center of Mass" of the planet by the Mass Movements of the huge volume, that is the Disappearing of Ground Water & Melting Glaciers into the Sea previously.

Now, we have Major issues of "Shifting of Seasons" with a forwarded by Two Months gradually since last few years and it is increasing every year. One day we will be having Winters in Summers, Summers in Rainy Season and Rains in Winters. Hence, our planet Mother Earth is being adjusting our Cruel Mistakes herself.

I request you that you should perform over this task profoundly with the co-operation of other Nations, intimating the anti-environment and anti-human forces to keep aside their aspirations for this Planet or would be eliminated strictly for the concern of our mother earth.

This year I noted that due to the enormous margin of "Shifting of the Seasons" the nursery of the crop was destroyed at large due to deceiving weather and it's unsuitable temperatures as per their schedules.

Therefore, I hope that I have tried my best to keep my view in minimum possible words to understand them at large. There is always a solutions if we are ready to accept the root causes of the problems, else none of the options will work.

Thank you... with Best Regards.


Yashwant Deora
WhatsApp - +919352545652

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