‘Groundwater Depletion’, ‘Melting of Glaciers’ and ‘Rising Sea Level’ are the massive displacement

Sunday, January 1, 2012


The conclusive study according to the above point 12) the Groundwater Depletion begun in a zone just after the drilling of the Multi-Aquifers bore holes and the Depletion of Water initializes just after making of "Deeper Multi-Aquifer Tube wells" where we have dry lower aquifers; in compression of the immense pumping of groundwater for various proposes. In other words deeper drilling of the ground created "Multi-Aquifer" bore wells/tube wells; by which the confining bed/aquitard/impermeable rock layers got damaged/punctured, consequently the unlimited ground water goes on continuously flows from higher aquifer to the lower aquifers and lower aquifer to upper aquifers thorough the millions of holes of deeper "Multi-Aquifer" Tube Wells. Kindly provide us comments, which could explain scientifically what the actual situation is?

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